An educational and artistic training program linking the creative process with social impact.

AIMS - (Artistes intervenant en milieu scolaire, which translates as "Artists Involved in the School Environment") – is an unparalleled training program in France. Launched in 2010 with the Beaux-Arts de Paris, a renowned fine arts school, this unprecedented initiative managed in partnership with the French Ministry of Education and the municipalities of Montreuil, L’Île-Saint-Denis, and Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, has extended its reach to four other prestigious higher education art institutions in Paris. It is a beneficial collaboration allowing young artists to professionalize their skills and promote high-quality artistic education among school communities.

The challenge

265 000
students are educated
in elementary  and high schools
in Seine-Saint-Denis


artist in 5 is actively
seeking employment
three years after
obtaining their diploma,
and more than one
in ten work outside
their field of study

While arts education is a part of the school curriculum, most French primary schools do not have an art teacher on staff. Against this backdrop, a recent initiative by the Ministries of Education and Culture encourages professional artists to support teachers, providing specific teaching as part of the regular curriculum.

It is this line of thinking that has driven the AIMS program for almost seven years now. It involves offering accredited post-degree training to young graduate artists, on the basis of a collective artistic project realized over the course of a school year within elementary and high schools situated mainly in priority neighborhoods.

Our ambition

AIMS is both a post-graduation work experience and an artist residency program based on the transmission and shared experience of art and collective creation. It is a long-haul adventure wherein art, in all its forms, evolves and raises questions thanks to the active involvement of the student body in the process of artistic creation and in the mentorship they receive from the artist.

Promoting access to arts education for every student

by allowing young pupils to experience high-quality artistic creative process

Encouraging citizen art

by raising young artists’ awareness of socially engaged artistic practices

Helping young artists to professionalize their skills

by training them and offering the opportunity to work for a period of one year within an educational environment with pupils whose creativity they are responsible for inspiring

Our solutions


Weekly classroom workshops to focus on a stimulating and structured year-long project


Specific training sessions for resident artists from the start of the school year and regular support from a tutor/mentor nominated by each of the involved higher education art institutions.


An accredited post-graduation work experience for young artists consisting of writing and presenting a research paper to a panel of experts


> 1000

students reached since 2010


classes in 16 primary schools
and 3 elementary schools


exposition catalogues


work exhibitions from students and artists during the year

"Nearly 800 pupils have already undertaken this unique and creative adventure under the leadership of nearly 30 artists in training. Just as important as the new perspectives on the world that it opens are the vigorous artistic projects that have demonstrated the necessity of art for all of us."

Gaita Leboissetier
Deputy Director of Studies
L'Ecole nationale supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris.

The way forward

  • Create specific tools to follow artists and measure the effects of the program on their career path
  • Evaluate the impact on school students and educational environments
  • Support art schools in their search for new sources of private and public funding to support long-term residencies
  • Offer this program to other communities in the Île-de-France region and secure preferred partnerships with those municipalities

Help us grow AIMS

Sponsors, educational institutions, partner local authorities, young graduate artist,
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