Les Talens Lyriques - t@lenschool

An unprecedented program to create a dialog between classical Baroque music and new technology

Founded in 2014, t@lenschool is an innovative educational and communicative tool. It's destined for secondary school students in Paris' network 'Réseau d'Education Prioritaire' (REP) and developped by the Baroque music ensemble 'Talens Lyriques' founded by Christophe Rousset. Mr. Rousset's mission with this program is interpreting vocal and instrumental pieces on instruments from the respective musical era. Beyond the simple discovery of classical music and the encouragement of collective instrumentals, t@lenschool proposes a different and new approach to music which allows a collective understanding of orchestra, learning how to truly listen to each instrument, and to familiarize oneself with a specific musical universe.

The challenge

48% of teachers say that one of the major barriers to using digital tools is the lack of training on how to use them

Although arts education is already a part of scholastic programs, many public schools have no art teachers. The development of open-access, high-quality, accessible digital tools is a response to the shared ambition of the National Education Ministers and the culture of putting artistic practices in schools.

Thanks to the free availability of the 3 applications to a huge number of institutions (National Education system, music schools, musical institutions...), t@lenschool has seen an impressive rise in popularity since the start of the school year 2017. Compose, play and perform: this is what the 3 applications allow even beginners to do. The digital tool is put to work as a listening instrument. It's been thought out as method of putting music and instruments back into the center of artistic education.

Our ambition

In action since 2014 with students from the Honoré de Balzach Middle School in Paris' 17th district, t@lenschool is now in numerous middle schools around Île-de-France (the home of Talens Lyriques.) Strengthened through the app's success, the ambition for this tool is to spread throughout France and Europe thanks to Talens Lyriques' considerable partner network.

Promote practical artistic access for everyone

through the high-performing, free digital tools 

Develop high impact social projects

through allowing students to work both individually and collectively on creative projects

Greatly expand

to reach more students, teachers and intermediaries.

Accompany excellence

by supporting the development of version 2.0

Our solutions


Organisation of on-boarding workshops at t@lenschool for teachers and cultural intermediaries

Delivery of Tools

An Android port of the application in multiple languages is in development for the biggest deployment possible


Reference Materials

An educational manual destined for teachers and intermediaries to present different scenarios depending on the target audience



youths and adults potentially reached


teachers and cultural intermediaries trained in 2017


educational handbook 

"These applications have been developed in collaboration with the students. For them, participating in this project was a real opportunity to discover baroque music, careers in sound, information technology, graphic design... For us, it was an occasion to adapt these tools to the needs and expectations of a lay audience."

Pauline Lambert
Head of Diffusion and Cultural Action
Ensemble Les Talens Lyriques

"I really must thank you for the residency of Talens Lyriques at the Jacques Decour Middle School. We are so happy to participate in this high level artistic project with an excellent and innovative educational value, great human interest, an open mind and a sharing spirit."

Milène Brovelli
Teacher, French as a Foreign Language
Collège Jacques Decour, Paris 9ème

The way forward

  • Emphasize the development of high-performing digital tools for an innovative artistic education for as many students as possible
  • Evaluate the arrangement of the reach of the applications through teachers and cultural intermediaries