Launching the professional careers of young Spanish artists

Polaritats is a program started in 2015 by Homesession in collaboration with the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Supported by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, the Government of Catalonia and the University of Barcelona, the program aims to improve the employability of young artists and kick-start their entrepreneurial projects by catalyzing conversations with art professionals and sharing experience and market knowledge.

The challenge

"The start of a career is a key moment for an artist, for the formation of their practice as much as for their relations with other artists and actors within the cultural world. For this reason, Homesession wanted to launch a programme that would establish a dialogue between the ambit of academic training and the professional art scene."

Olivier Collet and Jérôme Lefaure, co-founders of Homesession

Production techniques and research, institutional structures, galleries, the art market, project tenders, these are all par for the course in every artistic career, but much of it remains foreign territory for many young graduate artists. The Polaritats program aims to give students the tools they require to kick-start their professional career by giving them access to various projects and collaborative activities.

Our ambition

Lasting one year, the program allows fine arts students to interact with and learn from the practice and experience of established artists and art professionals. It also offers participants the opportunity of working on projects or within workshops so as to help them broaden their own theoretical and practical research.

Launch the professional career of the next generation of talented visual artists

by immersing participants in the different dimensions of the work of an artist

Raise awareness within the academic field of art

of the growing need to ensure that education prepares students for the reality of the professional art world 

Increase engagement between the different players of the art world

particularly between creatives and commercial representatives

Our solutions


A comprehensive program centered on workshops, conferences and studio and gallery visits


Meetings among students, teachers, Homesession international artists in residence and gallerists

Pedagogical innovation

Best practices and professional challenges based on research led by innovative educators from the group "Art, Professió i Docència” at the University of Barcelona



students since 2015


university educators involved


training sessions organized throughout the year

 “As fine arts professors, we must remain vigilant and ensure that what we teach is firmly rooted in reality. We should work to improve students’ exposure to the art world and the culture that surrounds us. The aim of the “Art, Professió i Docència” university group and of the Polaritats program is to bridge the gap between education and the reality of art.”

Joaquim Cantalozella
Department of Fine Arts
the University of Barcelona

The way forward

  • Promote the roll-out of our initiative in other artistic fields and geographical areas.
  • Transform our work into an integrated training model for the curriculum of fine arts post-secondary education.
  • Build a truly useful toolkit that will provide professional support in both artistic training and exhibition.

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