Una Ciudad, Muchos Mundos

A program of participatory experiments aimed at reconceptualizing the city

Launched in 2015, Una Ciudad Muchos Mundos – Arte y Comunidades is a groundbreaking call for applications in Spain aimed at developing collective artistic or research projects related to collective sociocultural practices. This initiative was conceived by the City of Madrid’s municipal platform 'Intermediae' with the collaboration of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.


The challenge

" The task of redefining the social role of both the artist and artistic institutions in Spain has not yet been sufficiently developed. Art can generate a highly interesting discussion and amplify—and connect—processes that are already active in society."

Francisca Blanco, Cultural Project Coordinator at Intermediae

As a cultural and artistic space, Intermediae was devised by the City of Madrid as a laboratory for production and innovation in the service of social transformation. Since 2007, it has been working to eradicate the boundaries between artists, communities, managers, researchers, and audiences in order to turn creativity into an opportunity for shared learning and a vector of social inclusion. 

Una Ciudad, Muchos Mundos – Arte y Comunidades is one of its recent projects: a proactive community-based approach aimed at reinventing ways of thinking and modes of urban intervention so that people can inhabit and imagine their city differently. 

Our ambition

Una Ciudad, Muchos Mundos – Arte y Comunidades represents an initiative for exploring the relationships between theories and practices of social change. By developing rigorously selected cultural and research/action projects, it links creation, social processes, and shared learning with the aim of encouraging people to collaboratively question and devise new responses to the challenges involved in living together. 

To fight for a sustainable model of culture and society

based on active participation, exchange between communities, and citizen engagement

To uncover people’s individual and collective agency

by exploiting the potential of cultural projects to act as catalysts for change within Madrid’s social fabric

To contribute to the renewal of social and economic public policies

by implementing, through the prism of experimentation, models of integration and of urban action

Our solutions


for selected projects, in terms of their development, adjustment, and implementation

Opening up the project

to the various stakeholders and communities involved, by organizing public meetings and forums including a major three-day seminar titled “Comunidades inestables”

Conceptualization and evaluation

of socially engaged methodologies and processes, in order to aid their transferability to other challenges and other locations



projects selected out of 90 applicants

> 500

participants in the three-day “Comunidades inestables” seminar and in the final presentation days of the first edition

“For those who are interested in what communities are made of, all the projects involved in Una Ciudad Muchos Mundos reveal the different, distinctive, and radical aspects of community.”

Selina Blasco
Professor in the Faculty of Fine Arts
Complutense University of Madrid

The way forward

  • To publish a reference work combining the various methodologies and evaluation overall outcomes from the program
  • To continue this initiative into 2018-2019 by instigating a new call for projects
  • To encourage efforts to replicate our initiative in other geographical areas both within Spain and internationally

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