Accademia d’Archi – A special ceremony

11/26/2012 - Arts

On 14 September 2012, the twenty students of class 7p at the Bois des Arts school in Thonex near Geneva, along with their three music teachers, reunited for a very special ceremony.

And what a ceremony it was ! The children sang two beautifully moving songs accompanied on the piano by one of the music teachers. The performance was filmed and witnessed first hand by family members, partners of the project and the school principal.

Following a resounding applause and an « encore », each child received an instrument chosen personally a few days earlier, from two professors from the Accademia d’Archi : a violin, viola, cello or double-bass. These instruments will accompany each child for the next two years as part of their orchestra class twice a week during school time. It will allow them an immediate introduction to classical music with a hands-on approach and perhaps awaken with a love for their chosen instrument or at the very least give them a fresh experience of classical music.

The members of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations were impressed by the undeniable feeling of commitment and enthusiasm present throughtout the ceremony. This programme will likely be an amazing human adventure full of surprises and discovery for all concerned.

After a delicious afternoon tea time, the students promised to perform their first public concert in June 2013.