AIMS: last June, La Galerie du Crous of Paris hosted Les Yeux dans le bocal – a final exhibition of students and artists’ co-creations

6/28/2014 - Arts

“Les Yeux dans le bocal”, two weeks in Paris

From June 24 to July 5 the exhibition presented the works of art – all created during the school year by the artists and the students from underserved primary and middle schools of Saint-Ouen (a suburb of Paris).

The intimate exhibition opening was held on June 24 with the artists, children, partners of the programs and families. This was a very successful opportunity for the participants, to see the artwork of the children on display in a French gallery.

Next season, 5 new artists graduated from the Beaux-arts de Paris will work closely with 5 new classes in Saint-Ouen. Stay tuned for the final exhibition!