Art: a means for individual expression and sharing

1/19/2015 - Arts

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations have long recognised the complexity and multi-faceted nature of individuals' identities, be they national, ethnic or professional. Our bold programmes promote pluriculturalism among participants that extends beyond demographic, social and religious boundaries.

We strive to reconcile these multiple identities with the key tenets of French republican values: freedom, equality and laïcité (a French version of secularism). This commitment allows us to open the realm of possibilities and foster a sense of trust and belonging among our target audiences. We encourage the involvement of all members of a diverse society.

For example, with Ier Acte, an acting workshop program launched in partnership with Théâtre National de la Colline and the SNCF Foundation, we encourage vocational training and inclusion among actors from diverse communities. Instead of making noise, we focus on in-depth work that brings youths with exceptional talent face to face with artistic practices, through an approach that reflects the values we defend: respect, open-mindedness, excellence and sharing. 

Change takes time. To achieve it, we must remain mindful of each person's unique identities. Together, foundations, public institutions, the private sector and civil society can clear the way for a greater emancipation and humanism for future generations.

Let's join forces to share the inspiration of those who view global transformations as an opportunity to grow!

Anne-Aimée Francès and Carole Mbazomo

Arts & Culture

The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations