Exhibition Launch – « Poésoyrak, Bisart Bisart » on 06.23.2015 - AIMS

7/24/2015 - Arts

This year, The Beaux-arts de Paris National School’s alumni Timothée Dufresne, Benjamin Efrati, Eloïse Le Gallo, Charalambos Margaritis and Raphaël Tiberghien were placed in residency in some of Saint-Ouen’s most underserved schools. The « Poésoyrak, Bisart Bisart » exhibition celebrates the work they achieved with the pupils they furthered their artistic journey with.

« Poésoyrak, Bisart Bisart », what a peculiar name ! It is nonetheless the name that was given to the exhibition that took place in Paris – Crous Gallery from the 24th of june to the 4th of july. It introduced the artworks realized this year, by the artists and their young students. This unexpected title bears the spirit that embodied the program : creativity, letting go, spontaneity and audacity.

On the 23rd of june 2015, with Ariane de Rothschild, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations’ team and all the program’s partners, all the artists, students and their family and teachers gathered at the Paris Crous Gallery for an exciting launch.

During her speech, held in the magnificent Petits-Augustins Chapel of the Beaux-Arts de Paris National School, Ariane de Rothschild reminded everyone of the importance of such a program. AIMS enables kids to discover the new universe of contemporary creation, and offers to the young Beaux-Arts de Paris National School postgraduates an opportunity to get closer to communities that contemporary art usually does not reach.

Ariane de Rothschild congratulated this year participants for their hard work and announced the future extension of the program to four other national art schools established in Paris as well as in other cities of the region. Meet in 2016, for a new edition of the AIMS program !