Inauguration of the Chemin faisant Art Exhibit

10/3/2011 - Arts

Combining artistic excellence and social responsibility, the French National School of Fine Arts in Paris created an innovative artist training program for 2010 in primary and middle schools with the support of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and in partnership with the town of Saint Ouen and the French Ministry of Education. Chemin faisant – “Along the way” – is an opportunity for this year’s three young artists in residence to discuss their experience with the students.

The exhibit, which runs from June 16-18, 2011 at the Château de Saint Ouen, showcases the work done by three Fine Arts graduates, either alone or with students at the Anatole France and Emile Zola primary schools and Michelet middle school. Over the course of the one-year program, the artists lead a noteworthy creative, cultural project with the students while receiving a grant from the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations to develop their own work.

Chemin faisant is the result of this mutual learning process between artists, teachers and students and a reflection of the creative talents of Natalia Jaime-Cortez, Claire Tenu and Assaf Gruber.

Based largely on performance art, Natalia Jaime-Cortez’s work also incorporates drawing and video in an exploration of the body in art. In addition to a series of performances over the duration of the exhibit, Natalia presents a varied ensemble of personal work and art made with the children on this theme using a wide range of materials.

Claire Tenu’s work focuses on landscape imagery in the portrayal of urban landscapes. She uses photography to inspire thought-provoking questions among the children about the area where they live.

Assaf Gruber uses sculpture, video and installation art to reflect on the history of art and artistic forms. The exhibit also presents a film about the evolution of his work and his interaction with the children, an experience that brought out their curiosity, sensitivity and creative ambitions.

Chemin faisant attests to the success of the Foundation’s mission to create an innovative model based on this degree program in art-based learning, a program that offers new employment opportunities for Fine Arts students and contributes to the professionalization of the social sector. The keen interest of teachers, students and their friends and families in the exhibit rewards the judicious choice of the project’s partners to rise to the challenge of excellence and social commitment.