Ludovica Carbotta wins the 5th Ariane de Rothschild Prize 2011

4/5/2011 - Arts

Milan, 5 April 2011 - on the exhibition opening day that brings together the entries of 18 Italian artists for the 5th Ariane de Rothschild Prize 2011, the international jury has convened to choose the winning artist of the contemporary art prize – an event facilitated by curators Laura Barreca and Marcello Smarrelli sponsored by the Ariane de Rothschild Foundation in collaboration with the Cultural Affairs Office of the City of Milan.

Ludovica Carbotta, who has presented her work-of-art Tempo imperfetto (2010),  has been awarded a one-year scholarship at the Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London. Baroness Ariane de Rothschild presided over the jury whose members were Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, President of the foundation by the same name and jury Vice-President, Richard Armstrong, Director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Adam Budak, Curator of the Universalmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Henry-Claude Cousseau, Director of the l'École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, Mark Lewis, Professor at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London and artist Francesco Vezzoli.

It was difficult indeed for the members of the jury to make a final choice, as all the 18 nominated artists expressed sincerity, innovation and excellence in their work.

"We felt that this outstanding exhibition is superb example of what Italy gives to the world by its artistic vibrancy. The artistic approach developed by Ludovica Carbotta convinced us as she chooses to locate herself in relation and at the center of the physical world. By focusing on all surrounding materials, she demonstrates how they can all simply come together and produce something immensely complex. She wants to understand how to sustain randomness according to a simple intention. She manages to capture all contradictions of our immediate universe. Ludovica stands to gain enormously from the year she will spend at Central St Martins in her theoretical investigation and studio practice.
We would also like to extend a special mention to Anna Franceschini for her poetic ability to incorporate playfulness in her videos. She is capable to capture the simplicity of passing moments with subtleness and an imagination that knows no boundaries.
On behalf of the entire jury, I congratulate Ludovica as well as all nominated artists. They are all heading to a great future!"
(extract from the speech by Baroness Benjamin de Rothschild)

Over thirty works by Luan Bajraktari, /barbaragurrieri/group, Ludovica Carbotta, Rita Casdia, Danilo Correale, Alessio delli Castelli, Giulio Delvè, Cleo Fariselli, Anna Franceschini, Riccardo Giacconi, Renato Leotta, Nicola Martini, Margherita Moscardini, Caterina Nelli, Alek O., Maria Domenica Rapicavoli, Santo Tolone and Christian Tripodina are exhibited in the historic apartments of the Palazzo Reale. The works presented in an exhibition route conceived by the Salottobuono architectural practice, were created with recourse to a variety of media (photography, painting, installation, sculpture, performance and video), and recreate a kind of modern chamber of curiosities in which the architecture of the historic areas of the Palazzo Reale converses with contemporary works.

The 5th Ariane de Rothschild Prize exhibition will be open to the public from 6 April to 1 May 2011.

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