And after Charlie ?

1/19/2015 - Education

Take a sheet of paper, a pencil and… draw. Anyone can do it, but in the space of three days this seemingly harmless everyday act has come to represent a wake-up call for our republican values.

Now that the initial shock has subsided, it is time to ask ourselves a few questions. How should we respond to the recent tragedy? What is our responsibility and what role do we want to play?

For the last four years, at the School of Philanthropy, we have joined hands with our partners to pursue our mission of passing on the values of philanthropy* – open-mindedness, respect and solidarity – to younger generations. In their classrooms and at after-school clubs, children enthusiastically speak out, debate and demonstrate that they "have the power to help" others, regardless of cultural, social or religious differences.

These young people are a beacon of hope for the future!

Today more than ever we need to pursue the work we have begun. We will continue to disarm prejudice and fear, to celebrate our differences through the stroke of a pen, and to help young people become responsible future citizens who respect fundamental freedoms.

We will continue to shape a world in which the meaning of "philanthropy"* resonates with each and every one of us.

Claire Buret et Eléonore Ward

The School of Philanthropy

*from the Greek "philos" (love) and "anthropos" (human being)