Back to an innovative school : L’Ecole de la Philanthropie

11/9/2012 - Education

When the buzz goes around on ethics at school, responsible citizenship, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations innovate in terms of philanthropic education by creating an avant-gardist association: “L’Ecole de la Philanthropie”. This program aims at educating children in the last two years of primary school on philanthropy and today’s social challenges.

« Full marks » for The School of Philanthropy 2nd edition

Experimented during a six month pilot between January and June 2012 in six classes in Paris and strengthened of the success of this first year, “L’ Ecole de la Philanthropy” is now offered over this 2012-2013 academic year to thirteen classes of 4th and 5th grades, located in different districts of Paris

Here and now, children can be change-makers

During this incredible year, the budding philanthropists will become more and more aware of their ability to act and improve their close environment. This way, they will engage together for a cause all agreed on.
The 14th of June 2013, the Big Amphitheater of la Sorbonne will welcome the “Grand Jour du Don” (Great Donation Day), high point of L’Ecole de la Philanthropie experience. All participating classes will get together to celebrate and share the results of their “Action du Soutien” (Supporting Actions). They will greet their philanthropic project with the symbolic document of their commitment: “Le Coup de Pouce des Petits Philanthropes” (Thumbs Up of the Little Philanthropists). By the end of the day, each schoolchild will be an official member of the “Club des Petits Philanthropes” (Little Philanthropists Club).

Great philanthropists you will be

If like Zoé, pupil at the Armand Carrel School, children want to keep on giving of their time and their energy, they will be able to participate each year to the “Concours du Petit Philanthrope d’Honneur” (the Little Philanthropist of Honor Contest). The best annual commitment will be broadcasted on the association’ website and presented during the next “Grand Jour du Don”.
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For more information visit the programme's website or watch theprogramme's presentation on dailymotion.