“We all have the power to help”

7/23/2014 - Education

"I cannot wait to do the project again because you learn much and it makes you want to continue being a philanthropist all your life”. Alexandra, pupil at the Daumesnil school (12th arrondissement of Paris), is one of 600 children who participated in the program of the School of Philanthropy this year. 9 months of adventure experiencing philanthropy which ended up nicely with the ‘Philanthropy Day’.

On the 13th and 21st of June, pupils,  together with their teachers and all the partners involved in the project of the School of Philanthropy, met at the ESSEC Business School (in Cergy) and the Sorbonne university ( in Paris) to share and celebrate the "power to help" of these budding philanthopists during the Philanthropy Day.

The Philanthropy Day, concluding a year of adventure in order to become the citizens of tomorrow

23 classes from Paris and the Val d'Oise region have indeed participated this year in the School of Philanthropy educational program, that enabling pupils to discover and experience philanthropy. Over the year and the six steps of the program, pupils have discovered the meaning of the word ‘philanthropy’ and how to commit themselves collectively to a cause of their choice.

Together they have carried out supportive action and they came on stage to present their results during the Philanthropy Day. Their teachers, their families but also a number of philanthropists were of course present for this celebration, and some came to share their experience - like Donagan, 13 years old, a young dancer who created the “Handip-hop” association to allow people in a wheelchair to dance Hip-Hop.

Watch the TV report produced by the Chaine du coeur website on this occasion: Philanthropy: La philanthropie: un jeu d'enfants ! 

The School of Philanthropy, an ongoing dynamic !

The School of Philanthropy allows everyone to become aware of their power to help, in line with their own means and  resources, while commiting themself in a professional and collective way. The project, created three years ago, will continue to expand when schools go back in September, again in partnership with the academies of Paris and Versailles, the Môm'artre network and the Unionists Scout association of France but also, and this for the first time, with the CANOPE network of Nantes and of the Haute-Savoie regions.

The School of Philanthropy is thus part of a process of development, both in class and after school with the same goal: to sow again and again the seeds of philanthropy from the earliest possible age!

Experience again one year  of adventure by discovering the film: 9 mois d'aventure à L'Ecole de la Philanthropie

Some examples of action in support of non-profit organisations:

  • The Le Vau school, in the 20th arr. of Paris: organizing a day in their school to raise awareness on disability and translation of a book written by the whole class in braille, in partnership with the Guide Dogs Association of Paris.
  • The Loiseau school from Pontoise: organizing the collection of school supplies for children of Niger in partnership with the Grain de Sable Association.
  • The EEUdF Scout units of Marly-le-Roi and Saint-Germain-en-Laye: organizing a garage sale to raise funds to give to the ‘School in hospital’ association
  • The Môm'Arles unit in Arles: youth awareness of bees through the visit to an ecological bee farm.