Beethoven 250

Activating young instrumentalists across Europe for the 250th anniversary of Beethoven

For the 250th anniversary of the birth of Beethoven, conductor and composer Jordi Savall has undertaken a project of both research and realization of these nine symphonies. He recreates the acoustics of the original composer's era with an orchestra made up of professional musicians specialized in playing music from said era. This program also includes young musicians and students specially selected from a competition in Summer 2018.

The challenge

"Art is the most beautiful link between those who are far apart." -Beethoven, letter to the Royal College of Music, Stockholm, 1823

The Beethoven 250 project is made up of four Academies, work sessions and rehearsals, culminating in a concert series throughout Europe.

During these Academies, young instrumentalists are selected by competition and then trained in the Beethoven legacy by experienced chamber musicians.

Our ambition

Train musicians in the legacy of one of the greatest musical geniuses with a scientific approach.

Offer young musicians a significant professional opportunity

Through the international scope of the project and through a collaboration with renowned musicians

Promote a historical approach towards the Beethoven 'universe'

Thanks to detailed research resulting in performances true to the era

Incite student interest in the legacy and 'universe'' of Beethoven

Thanks to a close partnership of internationally renowned musicians

Encourage academic development and research throughout the Academies

Our solutions

Talented and Upcoming Musicians

Selected through competition represent more than a third of the orchestra

Four Academies

During 2019 and 2020 with dozens of concerts across Europe





musicians, of which 30% are young professionals or students