MIR - Musicos Internos Residentes

A musical residency program which combines the humanisation of care, the professionalisation of young musicians and scientific research.

MIR - Musicos Internos Residentes - is a unique program which lets us explore the role that live music plays in the healing process of hospital patients. It was founded in 2016 by the association 'Musica en Vena' at the Hospital 12 de Octubre in Madrid with the Carasso Foundation and Edmond de Rothschild Foundations. Scientific research is performed on the physiological and biological effects of music on patient recovery, the quality of their experience and the length of their stay, notwithstanding the effects on their families and healthcare professionals. In this fourth year of partnership, 6 different units are involved including neonatal, intensive care, cardiology and hematology.

The challenge

The steady presence and work of the musicians with the patients is representative of a humanisation movement and an opening of the world of health care innovation.

For the last two years, the MIR program has put in place an innovative and efficient model of complimentary treatment that inspires hospitals all over Spain and beyond.

Our ambition

Through the artists work, a hospital becomes a place of culture, special moments, meaningful exchanges and shared enjoyment. MIR's daily involvement in patient recovery also creates offical protocols of complementary and alternative care. Music becomes a therapeutic ally with many benefits.

Open healthcare facilities to culture and music

thanks to the constant presence and work of the musicians with patients

Giving young musicians the opportunity to develop new skills

by training them to work in a healthcare enviorment

Assist the healthcare professionals in creating innovative care 

by allowing music to become an integral part of hospital life

Create Music and Health education

thanks to the partnership with the University Complutense of Madrid


Our solutions



applications since 2016


resident artists, all hired from unemployment


hospital units involved

"With the MIR program from Musica en Vena, we pass from a social project to a scientific research project where we can show that music has both real impact and clinical value."

Carmen Martinez de Pancorbo
Hospital 12 de Octubre, Madrid

"Music has therapeutic effects. It soothes. It's capable of lifting the spirits and the mood of the listener."

Alvaro Urquijo

The way forward

  • Increase the number of musical performances to 600 a year
  • Grow the program throughout Spain and Europe
  • Create a network of musician-doctor experts who encourage research and share their findings