Inspiration is the motor to self-realization

The Moteur! Project for youths from 14-22 years of age starts with a competition about an inspiring person and becomes a series of innovative professional workshops.

The challenge

A quarter of people aged 16 to 25 feel isolated in their professional development.

The Moteur! Competition asks applicants to make a 90-second video on a person in their circle that inspires them.

Our ambition

Every year at the Cannes Film Festival, around 20 young people are rallied for an exceptional professional networking experience. At the end of the Festival, the alumni participate in the Moteur! Campus, a leadership program in camp format for 3 days.

Assist alumni in their professional development

in the Moteur Campus thanks to dedicated workshops

Encourage and inspire youth from all walks of life

through video realization and inspiring meetings

Our solutions

A Video Competition

of 90 seconds on an inspiring person

A trip to the Cannes Film Festival

to rally alumni for exciting networking

The Moteur Campus

to help alumni to know themselves better and reveal their talent