Musique en Tête

A series of live music shows at the Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild (Paris) as well as cutting-edge research on the impact of live music on the healing process, recovery time, and hospital worker well-being.

Inspired by the program Musicos Internos Residentes that we developed in Spain in 2016, the program Musique en Tête will use this successful model with patients at the Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild. The goal is to improve the recovery of stroke victims as well as undergo medical research on the effects of live music on the speed of recovery.

The challenge

The hours and days following a stroke are a complex and sensitive time. Patient stress levels are high and usually treated non-pharmacologically as treatments must be strictly monitored. This research into the calming and healing effects of live music goes to the heart of the need to find ways to treat these patients' well-being and stress.

Our ambition

Studies on therapy for stroke victims are primarily concerned with physical and neuropsychological impact. Currently, no studies are available on the consequences of music on stroke recovery and its effects on anxiety. With this program, every week, musicians play at the bedside of stroke victims.

Open the healthcare field up to culture and music

thanks to weekly, bedside musical shows led by the musicians of Musique & Santé 

Show the positive effects of live music in the recovery process after a stroke

by undergoing cutting-edge research

Raise awareness among caregivers to the benefits of live music, as well as integrate music and culture in hospital settings

thanks to the close cooperation between musicians and hospital personnel

Increase well-being in the workplace

by proposing live music to all

Our solutions

Professional Musicians

Performing musicians are specially trained to play in healthcare settings. They work in order to aid and be close to recovering patients, familes, and caregivers


with medical teams and caregivers before, during and after performances

Regular Musical Performances

every week both in the evening and daytime

Scientific Research

Providing innovative answers on how to improve recovery processes as well as increase workplace well-being



weeks of musical performances


patients benefitting from the program


major scientific study underway