RAZAS | Teatro Joven

A series of actors' workshops with the goal of diversifying the theater world and professionalizing young actors from various ethnic backgrounds.

RAZAS (Races) can be thought of as the Spanish version of our French program Ier Acte cocreated with the Fondation SNCF and Stanislas Nordey in 2014. The goal is the same - we find young actors who have experienced discrimination in the theater world during auditions, casting and professional training, and then boost their careers with a series of workshops and opportunities to meet the big names in theater and practice their craft without prejudice.

A daring and unique project in Spain, this workshop series is in partnership with cultural community institutions in Madrid. It allows young actors to enroll at the distinguished 'La Joven Compania,' the only inclusive youth acting company.

The challenge

The 2008 recession had a huge effect on the unemployment rate in Spain. Youth were (and remain) the most heavily hit, with many having to leave their homes in Spain to find employment and have a chance at a better future. This economic situation has an even stronger effect on the artistic and cultural sector - there are few jobs in the sector, and those that exist are not well-paid.

What's more, racism is the second biggest form of discrimination in the theater in Spain (after machism - male chauvinism). The current scene simply does not reflect Spanish society ethnically, socially, nor socio-economically.

Thus, RAZAS was created to respond to these different situations. It wants to tackle these issues head-on using the enviable network of actors with La Joven Compania and the international experience of Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

Our ambition

Theater is a mirror of our society. The Spanish scene needs to renew itself and to enrich artists from diverse backgrounds. We actively contribute to this catalyst for change, and value the talent that accurately reflects the current generation.

Support equal opportunities for artists

by giving young actors the chance to play any theater role and inspire the community, no matter their origins

Bring multiculturalism into the Spanish theater scene

by raising awareness in the Spanish theater to progressive ideals and inclusive practices

Awake and grow the careers 

of the actors by combatting the inequality that had stunted their success

Our solutions

The way forward

  • Start a real debate on European society, bringing together authors, directors, producers, clubs, researchers...
  • Create exchanges between Ier Acte in France and Primer Acto Spain
  • Make a subsidiary jumping-off point dedicated to actor professionalisation from diverse backgrounds: career planning, training, auditions, career management