The Edmond de Rothschild Centre

Promoting and nurturing early-stage artists and designers who have completed higher education in art and design in Israel

The Edmond de Rothschild Centre assists young and emerging artists and designers in establishing themselves professionally through temporary exhibitions and professional programmes and serves as a meeting place for the various organisations and entities operating in the field (artists, curators, galleries, museums, academia, etc.). Its activity is based on cooperation with educational institutions and focuses on providing artists and designers with the tools to develop their professional skills at the early stages of their careers.

The challenge

The art world is a very competitive field with limited funding resources available. Emerging artists and designers in Israel are faced with great difficulties which are especially significant during the early stages of their careers.

Visual artists and designers who seek to pursue their practice full-time struggle financially due to the dearth of employment frameworks enabling them to work on an ongoing basis. Artists and designers who dare to venture into the free market and confront these difficulties on their own must also face the numerous challenges involved in developing the necessary administrative and logistical resources, in addition to finding financial resources.

Our ambition

The Edmond de Rothschild Centre aspires to promote and encourage excellence in the fields of art and design in Israel by showcasing emerging local artists and designers and by serving as a professional home base for young creators and artists in various artistic media who have graduated from art and design academies in Israel. 

The Centre strives to provide them with exposure and to help them integrate into their areas of practice by guiding them on how to market themselves and advance independently.

Our solutions

A professional development programme for artists and designers

equipping them with tools, professional guidance and mentoring sessions with experts 

Temporary group exhibitions

featuring young artists and designers, exposing them to peers, contemporary collectors, curators and the general public 



artists and designers took part in the professional programme


group exhibitions were held at the Edmond de Rothschild Centre, showcasing the work of 60 creators

The way forward

  • Continue with the exhibitions programme, with 4-6 planned exhibitions annually
  • Continue with the professional programme with 4 annual sessions for artists and 3 sessions for designers
  • Create and foster an Edmond de Rothschild Centre Alumni community to bring together past participants in the professional programme