Support high-impact social enterprises in their scaling up

Wagering on a new generation of engaged and socially responsible entrepreneurs: this is the solution to unemployment that the CRECE program is offering. Supported by UnLtd Spain and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations which, together, are betting on entrepreneurship as a path toward inclusive growth in Spain.

The challenge


Rate of unemployment in Spain for those under 25

of Spanish companies are PMEs, making entrepreneurship the best means of solving the employment issues facing the country

Because small businesses are the keystone of the Spanish economy. Because entrepreneurship is a proven antidote to the unemployment that is greatly affecting young Spaniards who are willing and able to work. Because we are convinced that society's status quo must evolve in a sustainable way. The CRECE program is committed to supporting “GameChangers,” entrepreneurs with ideas that can generate value and change the world.



Our ambition

Gather momentum for change, promote fair growth, bet on innovation and monetize entrepreneurial projects with a strong social and/or environmental impact…Such are the challenges that we are setting for ourselves with CRECE, an ambitious program invested in training, evaluating, mentoring and funding Spanish start-ups looking to scale up and establish themselves within the sustainable-development and smart-city markets.

Improve the financial viability of promising projects

by identifying entrepreneurs with strong potential and supporting them in the operational implementation of their scale-up strategy

Encourage sustainable and inclusive development of the Spanish economy      

by supporting entrepreneurial projects with a strong social and/or environmental impact 

Heighten awareness of entrepreneurship in the Spanish market 

by effectively communicating the potential of projects as well as the tools available to entrepreneurs

Our solutions


A program aimed at improving the knowledge and skills of laureates and strengthening their efforts to scale up their business


Renowned bankers and business-finance experts on hand to help candidates structure their business models and prepare for fundraising


Advice and support from the best consultants, lawyers and field experts


A large community of “GameChangers” including alumni from all of the UnLtd programs, mentors, consultants and other experts lending their experience to the program (quarterly after-work talks, the circle of UnLtd friends and other entrepreneurship events)

Pitches and fundraising

The opportunity to present projects before an investment committee formed by UnLtd Spain and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations to gain access to advantageous loans



high potential entrepreneurs supported in the last two years


hours of pro-bon coaching 


student participants in the Escualab workshops

“Without UnLtd, our project would never have reached its current level of growth. Their programs have played a key role in the amplification of our social impact, all on the basis of a sustainable model.”

Cristina Balbas

“Our country has true potential to develop a culture of social entrepreneurship and to impact investing. That said, we still have a long way to go yet.”

Manuel Lencero
CEO & Founder
UnLtd Spain

The way forward

  • Prepare for the 3rd edition of the program by focusing our selection of candidates into three key areas: health, agri-business and smart city
  • Implement a fund to provide advantageous conventional and equity loans, to compensate candidates selected by jury
  • Strengthen and develop the partner and mentor network to support entrepreneurs with all of their issues    
  • Grow the community of investors and strengthen their relationships with program entrepreneurs to support the development of economically viable projects

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Together, let's drive inclusive and sustainable growth through entrepreneurship!