Establish a new generation of leaders in Ivorian entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial journeys are often solitary ones. This is especially true in Africa. It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a community to create an entrepreneur.

EntrAfrica is this community where entrepreneurs help each other to transform society. We have the conviction that entrepreneurship has a special position in developing the continent.

Co-created in 2016 by ESPartners, Injaro Investment and Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

The challenge

80% of employment opportunities in the Ivory Coast are created by SMEs

36 of 40 of the youngest countries in the world are in Africa

12 millions youths enter the job market every year... but only 25% find work

Despite promising growth, Ivory Coast is still marred by great inequality that weighs on the prosperity and stability of the country. Although the outstanding improvement in the number of SMEs is indicative of great potential for Ivorian entrepreneurship, there are still insufficient resources to ensure a competitive and sustainable position.

This is precisely the focus of the Entrafrica program led by the ESPartners agency and Injaro Investments, with the support of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations.

Our ambition

EntrAfrica is a collaborative and innovative platform propelling African projects with economic/social impact models in their scaling-up phase. With the right tools and technical and financial support, entrepreneurs will be able to change the future of the continent through sustainable prosperity.


to create a strong entrepreneurial base in training programs

Identify and accelerate success stories

by bringing appropriate tools, concrete solutions, and access to financing and markets

Construct an active community of Ivorian innovators

by prioritizing networking and experience-sharing between participants and the entrepreneur community at large

Prioritize development

of entrepreneurs in populations historically excluded from this activity

Our solutions

Accelerating and Reinforcing Entrepreneurial Skills

A three-month acceleration program with curriculum adapted to the local context, tools, and recommendations to structure economic models and favor growth

Welcome to the EntrAfrica Community

Business Clinics, individual coaching, access to EntrAfrica working space and events, media planning, investor relations and access to funding

Solution-Oriented Approach to Classic Entrepreneurial Pitfalls

Three critical areas of focus: Growth Strategy, putting an action plan into place, and accessing the market


Events, Alumni program, coworking space, press partnerships… All in the service of catalyzing cooperation and networking opportunities 



entrepreneurs supported


jobs created, 101 for women


CFA francs of revenue

“How do you lift Africa out of poverty? You equip entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and  connections to grow their businesses. And by working with them to conceive ways in which their businesses may have a positive impact on society.”

Eric Kacou
CEO and co-founder

“Give me a place to stand, and a lever long enough, and I will move the world.”

Greek mathematician

The way forward

  • Continue the development of a digital platform that incites entrepreneurial culture in the community. Additionally, provide online content adapted to local needs, facilitate follow-up, and animate the community.
  • Launch regional antennas in Yamoussoukro and Bouaké to help development in the food industry
  • Strenghten leadership of young entrepreneurs and their engagement in social and environmental thematics with a new vocational regional program.

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