Accelerating 'More Women' through entrepreneurship in Mozambique

In March 2018, Mozambique was devastated by not one but two cyclones that hit the center and north of the country. The losses are heavy with over 600 dead, 1.85 million lives affected, destroyed infrastructure, and over 700,000 hectares of earth ravaged.

The challenge

Mozambique is developing unequally, especially in the north of the country. Niassa province, aka the Siberia of Mozambique, the region with the poorest and most sparse population. Women are particularly affected by poverty and illiteracy. Those who find work have low job security and earn so little that self-sufficiency is impossible.

Every year, almost 20% of young schoolchildren in Niassa leave school because of child marriage.

In Mozambique, the literacy rate among women is 28% as opposed to 60% among men.

Our ambition

Business Center Creation

equipped with digital resources for trainings and peer-to-peer sessions


by 12 women, they themselves business owners, who will accompany program participants in the realization of their micro-business


around three themes: leadership, negotiation, and decision-making in finance and management - in partnership with an ecosystem of experts developed locally by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and United Purpose


through putting entrepreneurs in contact with local micro-credit organizations and promoting community savings systems

Our solutions

Teach women how to create their own business

via a 6-month custom program adapted to their needs


the creating of sustainable micro-businesses, making entrepreneurship an opportunity for economic emancipation

Raise Awareness

"To teach a woman is to teach a nation." This program will reach over 300 indirect beneficiaries in Niassa communities on the importance of a woman's place in local economic life.


the economic dynamic through a greater representation and participation of women

The way forward

  • Accompany women entrepreneurs from Niassa in creating their micro-business
  • Contribute to higher participation of women entrepreneurs in the local socio-economique dynamic through partnerships with public powers and local entrepreneurship networks
  • Engage in the reflection with United Purpose on how to better provide women with access to funding to permit their projects to take shape