Scale Up

The growth accelerator for innovative social businesses

France boasts a dense and rich community of businesses making significant social impact. Scale Up is the first program in France dedicated entirely to these businesses and their successful growth. Created in 2010 by Antropia, ESSEC Business School’s social incubator, and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, it leverages targeted training and access to experts and professionals as businesses develop and finance their growth. 

The challenge

"Scale Up is an innovative, impactful, and unique program designed to fully respond to the challenges facing high-impact social enterprises that can demonstrate a proof of concept and a desire to finance their growth."

Codirector of the Institute of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, ESSEC Business School

Businesses undergo several phases in their development, from trying out an idea, applying a business model, and devising a proof of concept to scaling up. It’s with this final, crucial phase in mind that Scale Up was created. It supports promising alumni in their growth model by preparing them for fundraising and by granting them access to a program, unique in France, that combines the academic expertise of ESSEC Business School and pro bono contributions from lawyers with the strategic advice of professionals from the Edmond de Rothschild group.

Our ambition

Scale Up is an unparalleled initiative in France, developed collaboratively by ESSEC Business School and the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations. It aims to catalyze the success and growth of committed, rigorously selected entrepreneurial projects.

Accelerate the growth of high-impact social enterprises

by providing support for their business model, optimizing their penetration rate, and consolidating their profitability.

Create a community of bold and dynamic entrepreneurs

by facilitating their networking, peer-learning, and the coordination of events from the different ESSEC programs (Scale Up, Start Up and Shake Up)

Connecting businesses with a strong social impact

and bringing them closer to social and conventional investor networks

Our solutions

Strategic coaching

Support from a professional within the Edmond de Rothschild group to challenge their growth strategies and advise them on fundraising

Training seminars

Three training seminars on business scale up, led by ESSEC Business School professors on topics such as social impact measurement, communications, negotiation, and leadership


A community of experts mobilized to respond to specific issues, including law firm Latham & Watkins, offering advice on questions of business and company law


A "young talent" intern, provided on a full-time, six-month basis, to help devise and strategize the business growth plan and ensure its long-term viability


The strengthening of the impact investment ecosystem and the promotion of social responsibility within companies, with the specific backing of the ESSEC Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation center of excellence.

"Edmond de Rothschild Foundations supports these talents to build the society of tomorrow, with a conviction that impact, economic viability and sustainability will be inseparable. "

Firoz Ladak
General Director
The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

“Scale Up is a kind of culture shock at the interface between social entrepreneurship and the world of finance. More than anything, however, it’s a meeting place for people who are both philanthropic and uncompromising. And that’s priceless.”

Frédéric Bardeau
President & Cofounder

The way forward

  • Staying ahead of the trends and at the forefront of innovation in both entrepreneurship and responsible business.
  • Overcoming the barriers between social enterprise on the one hand and the market economy on the other.
  • Facilitating access to diverse sources of investment and financing for program alumni.
  • Growing our network of conventional investors alongside our impact investment funds.

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