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Accelerate digital transition in impact-driven businesses in the face of the COVID-19 crisis

The public health crisis has made the need for digitalisation all the more obvious for impact-driven businesses, not only to withstand the crisis but also to bounce back and develop resiliency by putting tech at the core of their strategy. 

In this context, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations stepped in to support Share It, convinced of digital’s added value for sustaining impact driven-businesses through periods of crisis. 

The challenge

From the beginning, the Share It association has focused on developing complex digital solutions as a game-changer for entrepreneurs whose operating model has proven effectiveness (speeding up growth, improving processes, productivity, etc.). 

The strength of Share It is its capacity to mobilise senior tech personnel full-time on a long-term basis. This includes developers, consultants and digital project managers made available to Share It on a pro bono basis by corporate partners such as Accenture, Wavestone or Orange. In 2019, manpower was equivalent to over 3000 workdays. 

Our ambition

Share It assistance: 18 months to plan, produce and implement a complex digital solution.

Promoting better access to digital solutions

complex and tailored for impact entrepreneurs in all sectors


The better equipped the organisation is, the higher the internal resistance: distance working, structured inforrmation system, or for their beneficiaries: online courses, virtual support

Spring back

Digital tools help impact entrepreneurs facing difficulty to reorganise their activities on a more solid base, as well as gain efficiency. Tech also offers ways to innovate and develop new services

Develop resilience

by integrating digital systems into the core of their strategy now, social entrepreneurs strengthen their model and will stand up better to the next crises

Our solutions

Tailored suppport

18 months to plan, produce and implement a complex digital solution and game-changer for the organisation

Dedicated, high-quality teams

One tech officer, developers and experts


By following a complete training sequence and personalised workshops to create an individual solution

Creating autonomy

 build a durable solution, scalable and robust, through continuing education in digital development for teams 

The way forward

  • Promote better access to complex, tailored digital solution for impact entrepreneurs in all sectors, as vectors for multiplying social and/or environmental impact and resilience in periods of crisis
  • Contribute to strengthening and improving the support offered by Share It to impact entrepreneurs of the third promotion 
  • Close relationship and best practices sharing with the Share It's Tech-for-Good ecosystem