Singa Acceleration

Accelerating entrepreneurs working with migratory populations in their scaling up phase and their leadership

Singa Acceleration is the first incubator dedicated to startups founded by refugee entrepreneurs as well as national entrepreneurs working in the migratory populations sector. There are three objectives: scaling up these entreprises, developing leadership capabilities, and reformulating the discourse around migration by emphasizing entrepreneurial zeal. Cofounded by Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and the association Singa.

The challenge

The logistics of welcoming an influx of immigrants are often seen as a challenge for a host country. However, this mindset doesn't take into account the enormous potential for meaningful cultural exchanges between migratory populations and the host country. The economy generated around asylum is primarily subsidized and usually comes from security and/or humanitarian concerns. Therefore, refugees and migrants are and must be perceived as a real opportunity for value creation in a host country.



Our ambition

Singa Acceleration is a 5-month capacity and leadership-building program. It is dedicated to refugee entrepreneurs as well as French entrepreneurs working in the refugee/migrant sector. 

Scaling Up

through 5 months of personalized acceleration, mentoring in finance and strategy, peer-to-peer learning sessions and special skill training on Investor Days.

Developing leadership

with the organization of a boot camp dedicated to leadership training.

Changing mentalities around migrant populations

by highlighting entrepreneurial success stories from the programs' laureates.

Our solutions

Bespoke collaboration

A program mixing business training and leadership activation

Focus on leadership 

Leadership is an essential element in order to effect systemic change. Singa Acceleration contributes to the development of this necessary component, notably through a boot camp uniquely adapted to this skillset.


Singa provides a coworking space to all beneficiaries

Post-Program Support

3 months of follow-up support to ensure sustainable scaling up for the startups 

Investor Days

To help entrepreneurs find financing and investment



projects supported in 2018-2019


of these projects are refugee-led 


of these projects received funding


jobs created


direct and indirect beneficiaries

The way forward

  • Contribute to changing the dialogue around migrant populations
  • Support the development of an inclusive, impactful and inspiring ecosystem
  • Mobilize civil society with projects which emphasize collaboration between projects and a host country
  • Accelerate development of an 'economy' around asylum, both inclusive and high-performing, with unique and disruptive entrepreneurial models