Starting Up Together

Providing access to tools and methodologies for building start-ups and creating joint teams to early-career entrepreneurs with considerable potential, from different religions and communities across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Launched in 2018, Starting Up Together operates in cooperation with the Peres Centre for Peace and Innovation, eBay and Bar Ilan University.

The challenge

High-tech is a significant growth engine in MENA and is a tool for social and economic mobility for individuals employed in the sector. Yet while Israel is known as ‘the Start-Up Nation’, only a fraction of the local population directly benefits from or is a part of the innovation ecosystem. 

This phenomenon is unfortunately true in other tech ecosystems in MENA, where diversity and inclusion have not yet become a top priority, in spite of the great potential of multi-cultural teams for disruptive innovation.

Our ambition


access and tools to diverse entrepreneurial ecosystems.


impact projects across the region, with the current cohort focusing on sustainable cities and communities.


a diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem reflecting the entire spectrum of society.


Our solutions

Creating entrepreneurial teams

to provide familiarity with the world of entrepreneurship while studying a chosen topic together 


Working in teams for the intensive development of programmes in the framework of boot-camps and professional workshops in areas such as building a business model, design thinking and market research.



participants have taken part in the programme since it was established, in both local and regional tracks


of programme participants are women