Benjamin de Rothschild Ambassadors Programme

Training the next generation of diverse, socially-committed leaders in Israeli society

The Benjamin de Rothschild Ambassadors Programme strives to identify and train a cadre of young and diverse leaders originating primarily in Israel’s socio-geographic periphery who will work towards building socio-economic strength and reducing gaps in Israeli society. These young leaders, imbued with the values of creating a more equal society for the benefit of all and equipped with the tools and experience to do so, will successfully rise to positions of influence to advance real partnerships between the range of communities constituting Israeli society.

Established in 2010, the programme combines the development of social awareness and community action with a process of personal and professional development in parallel with academic studies. During a three-year program, Ambassadors are involved in social initiatives and gain practical experience through internships with many social organizations and are mentored throughout the process. Diversity is a core value of the programme, and the Ambassadors represent the full spectrum of Israeli society, including both Jews and Arabs regardless of religious orientation or practice. The Benjamin de Rothschild Ambassadors program takes place in ten institutions of higher learning across Israel, such as the University of Haifa, Technion or Tel Aviv University. 

The challenge

The growing schisms within Israeli society over the past years have led to a polarized society and a dearth of equal opportunities. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused these ruptures to become even more severe. Yet the mosaic of Israeli identities, cultures and beliefs serves as a valuable opportunity for development and learning, enabling the rich fabric of diversity to create a more healthy and advanced society. A prerequisite for realizing this vision is to ensure that all members of society have an equal opportunity to succeed while still respecting their cultural or ideological orientation.

Our ambition

To foster a cadre of young leaders drawn primarily from the social and geographic periphery by encouraging the positive evolution of social perceptions and giving them the tools to advance toward positions of influence, while working to favour equal opportunities and a collaborative society based on solidarity and mutual respect.


Identify, train, accompany and connect

young people from Israel’s geo-social periphery.

Realize the personal potential of each Ambassador

through personal, academic and employment support.

Trigger wide-ranging social impact

through the axes of knowledge, awareness, action, entrepreneurship and social leadership.

Our solutions

Personal development

focusing on the development of participants’ academic abilities and employment potential

Social development

through social internships in cooperation with dozens of civil-society organisations, local authorities and others



of graduates have reached impactful positions in the social and public sectors


of graduates working in the business sector report that the values they developed in the programme are manifested in their professional lives


of programme graduates are involved in social activism