ERFIP - Empower Families for Innovative Philanthropy

A unique knowledge platform and "do tank" by and for families from Frontier Markets

Founded by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations in 2013, ERFIP is a distinctively unique platform for Frontier Philanthropists from emerging economies – Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Arab region – which contributes to better representation of these regions within Global Philanthropy. It wants to change the global discourse on economic development by gathering leaders, professionals and practitioners to share knowledge, best practices, and successful models to address some of the most pressing social and economic challenges of our time. 

The challenge

ERFIP works to address key challenges by rallying powerful forces in frontier markets. It focuses on pushing for recognition of Frontier Philanthropy and philanthropists as key drivers for social change and economic development. The importance of rallying these philanthropists is paramount given the lack of data and knowledge from non-Western markets where such resources remain extremely limited and elusive. 

Our ambition

ERFIP's ambition is to be a cross-sectorial specialized knowledge hub. We succeed in being such an effective 'hub' by using Four C's: Cultivate, Convene, Curate, Catalyze


We cultivate relationships with multilateral, bilateral and other donor agencies to be the bridge between family philanthropy and international donors as well as to sustainably scale up existing projects. 

Convene & Curate 

We convene business-minded families who are invested in addressing key socio-economic challenges in their own countries and who have developed innovative models for tackling issues. We organize a curated retreat where best practices and ongoing challenges are shared. Thus, cross-fertilization of ideas and opportunities for collaboration emerge.


Leverage and catalyze our collective skill sets for greater positive impact both home and beyond.

Our solutions

Over 100 families have participated since inception

Our annual summit gathers influential actors in Frontier Philanthropy

Combining multiple sectors and institutions for true cross-sectorial actions

The ERFIP network gathers a unique community of engaged philanthropists from Frontier Markets spanning Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. It taps into their expertise by sharing models and best practices across their sectors of focus. ERFIP harnesses the voice of these donors and sustainable investors who are uniquely positioned to respond to local challenges and create impact. Together they are better equipped to succeed in their mission and achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:

The way forward

ERFIP's NEXT Horizon 

  • An enhanced ERFIP platform to build and strengthen partnerships
  • Engage more families with innovative models to tackle societal issues
  • Create a school to further design-thinking, innovative solutions and data collection