The School of Philanthropy

A school for tomorrow’s citizens – informed, active and engaged

The School of Philanthropy aims to ensure that the next generation is enlightened and socially engaged. Conceived and brought to life by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations in 2011, the project has become an independent association integrated in classrooms as well as extra-curricular programs across the Paris region for 8 to 11 year olds.

In 2019, the program will begin developing throughout France.

Welcome to the school of young philanthropists.

The challenge

"Each of us has, in our own ways, the ability to help. More than just a value, this is a responsibility that, as we put it into practice, allows each of us to continue to grow."

Ariane de Rothschild 

Our challenge is to raise awareness among the young and old on the issues society faces, develop their critical-thinking skills and their sense of responsibility, teach them to think both outside of themselves and outside the box, to respect themselves as much as each other, and to help them carry out concrete actions that will help others.

Our ambition

The program finds new ways of inspiring young people to become involved citizens. How? By establishing a six-stage “Philanthropy 101” course for the whole class: Understanding Philanthropy; Choosing a Cause; Setting up a Project; Implementing the Project; Celebrating Common Cause; and Joining the Young Philanthropists Club.

Develop the practice of teaching civic engagement

by reflecting together on current social challenges and how to resolve them

Train a future generation of informed, active, and responsible citizens

by carrying out a concrete philanthropic project

Complement the educational programs

currently offered in France by supporting the initiatives of teachers and educators

Our solutions

Program and teaching tools

From theory to practice, an innovative program with teaching materials, games, and videos available online.


An active engagement, focused on a local cause chosen by the students in collaboration with a charity or NGO

Community of change-makers

A dynamic movement bringing together younger and older philanthropists with the same objective.



young philanthropists trained since 2011


associations supported

"In a changing world which asks for more than ever from its youth, to adapt and to understand society, we have to teach them how to be effective actors. There is no minimum age to change the world."

Carole Réminny
General Director
L’École de la philanthropie

“This is a fantastic tool to unite a class around a project and to get students interacting in a different way with classmates, families, teachers, charities, and, of course, their school!”

Denis Lemarchand
Longchamp Elementary School, Paris

“Children are our future volunteers and donors. It’s very important to teach them from a young age what philanthropy is about and how to get involved with an association.”

Muriel Bideau
General Manager
Make-A-Wish in France

The way forward

  • Spread the program throughout France with a digital platform in order to allow all teachers to participate
  • Develop partnerships to extend the scope of the School of Philanthropy
  • Raise awareness of social issues among educational teams, families, and young people on a local and international scale.
  • Continue to evaluate the scheme on an ongoing basis to optimize its growth.

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