How we work

From idea to impact

Traditionally, giving is an impulse from the heart inspired by generosity. Philanthropy ought to nourish this. Yet it is equally important to aim for effectiveness and sustainability. Faced with this reality, we support and forge innovative models and leverage entrepreneurial approaches for improving society.

Our approach

Design. Test. Learn. Scale.

Creating greater impact requires focus and strategic thinking. Together with our partners from civil society, foundations, business, and government, we identify solutions to key social challenges.

As a laboratory that cross-fertilizes ideas and experience, we believe that our own brand of philanthropy can provide a unique contribution to the public good. We become stronger by treating each new project as a prototype with specific objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs) and impact measurement.

We apply a business mindset to doing good. We celebrate diversity. We go where others don’t.

1. Identify a need
2. Cocreate a solution
3. Launch a pilot
4. Evaluate & adjust
5. Scale for greater impact

Flagship programmes

Our approach and the programs we support encourage a dynamic and interactive learning relationship with our partners.
2nd Chance
2nd Chance is a charity that fights for access to reconstructive surgery in disadvantaged and post-conflict regions of the world.
ERFIP - Empower Families for Innovative Philanthropy
A unique knowledge platform and "do tank" by and for families from Frontier Markets
Musique en Tête
A series of live music shows at the Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild (Paris) as well as cutting-edge research on the impact of live music on the healing process, recovery time, and hospital worker well-being.
The School of Philanthropy
With a focus on 8 to 11-year-olds, the School of Philanthropy works with teachers and educators to ensure that the next generation is enlightened and socially engaged.
Premier(s) Pas
A novel initiative combining career management, artistic creation, and renowned choreographers to accelerate French dancers.
Foundation Adolphe de Rothschild Hospital
The Foundation Adolphe de Rothschild Hospital is a university hospital at the forefront of care, research, and cooperation on eye and brain diseases.
The first French incubator completely dedicated to accelerating startups in cutting-edge technology for public interest with a personalized program for entrepreneurs
Maze X
Maze X is a startup accelerator programme designed to put ambitious impact start-ups on the road to becoming impact unicorns.