OUR partners

Partners in action. Agents of change.

With the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, our partners make positive change possible. While we provide strategic and operational support, our partners work day-to-day to ensure the success of their projects.

Social transformation requires more than just funding. Successful philanthropy is inextricably linked to building an ecosytem that brings together a variety of actors who share best practices and solutions to challenges.

"We share the same values and the same vision as the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations: a long-term solution that provides reconstructive surgery training to local surgeons in places with devastating conflicts instead of relying on intermittent specialised humanitarian missions".

Dr. Pierre Quinodoz
Reconstructive Surgery
2nd Chance

"The foundations are a valuable partner of the Chair: through their financial support, which enables us to develop research projects on philanthropy in the countries of the South, but also by the richness of our intellectual exchanges."

Anne-Claire Pache
Dean for Academic Programs, Chair Professor in Philanthropy

“Development, efficiency, research, and an international perspective… We are as committed as we have ever been in our efforts to ensure that the Foundation achieves the level of excellence and humanity to which it aspires.”

Julien Gottsmann
General Director
Hôpital Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild

“Higher education is undergoing a revolution thanks to developments in technology that now allow us to train remotely and on a very large scale by means of open online courses, available without charge to all those in Africa wishing to learn, whether they are at university or not.”

Dimitrios NOUKAKIS
MOOCs Africa Program Director
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Our approach

Collaborate to increase impact

We strive to transform innovative philanthropic endeavors into sustainable projects that can continue to make an impact over the long term.

An active ecosystem that supports these projects strategically and financially is the key to lasting change. With this in mind, we structure partnerships with public and private institutions to widen our reach and capacity for action. Together with our partners, we invest our time, expertise, and financial commitments to ensure change, innovation, and sustainability.


We seek partners who share our vision and want to change the world for the better